New Year's Clothing Resolutions 2019

2019 is here—and so is resolution season. If you’re planning to go to the gym more often or check Twitter less, that’s fine by us. But we wouldn’t be doing our jobs without gently suggesting a few clothing-related resolutions to improve your wardrobe in the year to come.

Consider The Briefcase
We’re just as nostalgic for the backpack as you are. But we can’t overlook that repeated backpack wear can damage a suit jacket’s shoulders. That’s why we suggest picking up a smart briefcase or folio to carry your laptop and documents. Aside from giving your suit a longer lifespan, it’ll also make you look a little more polished at the start of each work day.

Try a Shirt Cuff Monogram
Yes, shirt cuff monograms are bold. There’s no arguing with that. But they can also be a great way to imprint your own personality on a tailored look. If you’re looking for a way to shake up your sense of dress in 2019 while remaining professional, this may be the ticket.

Get to Know Your Dry Cleaner
The world of dry cleaning can be mysterious—and possibly detrimental to your wardrobe. Before you take your suit to the dry cleaner’s, consider who you’re working with and the effect their process could have on your clothing and the environment.

Refer Someone You Know to Blank Label
Whether it’s your best friend hunting for a wedding tux or your recently graduated nephew in need of that first suit, there’s a good chance someone in your orbit could benefit from custom clothing. Plus, referring them could earn you a $50 credit towards your next purchase.