Client Q&A: Alpar

Client Q&A: Alpar

Welcome to Client Q&A, where we quiz real-life wearers of Blank Label on clothing, what draws them to custom, and whatever else might pop into our heads.

Where do you work? / What do you do?

I work at Quest Diagnostics as a Logistics Manager. I am fortunate to be able to say that I really enjoy my job: it certainly keeps me on my toes.

Do you have hobbies?

Aside from working full-time, I am also pursuing a Master’s degree in Mathematics.  At the end of the day, I’m not left with much free time to pursue any hobbies, unless you would consider going to the gym a hobby.

Why custom?

At 6’4”, with wider shoulders and a body type leaning towards the ‘v’, it proves rather difficult to find clothing that has enough room in the shoulders without being too loose in the midsection. Even if I find something that fits well both in the shoulders and the midsection, it’s rarely long enough.  I’ve found that going custom yields the best and most consistent results.

What made you choose a topcoat?

A well-fitting topcoat seems to be one of the more elusive off-the-rack items, at least for me. That coupled with the fact that New England winter was fast approaching, I felt that a custom topcoat would be more than appropriate.

What kind of customizations did you choose for your topcoat, and why?

The most adventurous customization was the bright red inside lining of the coat. Black and red are my favorite colors, and I figured that red would go just as well with a dark grey herringbone.    

How have you been wearing it?

My favorite outfit consists of a pair of wool dress pants, a crisp white jacquard-weave shirt, and my dark grey herringbone topcoat.  … oh, can’t forget the colorful dress socks and a pair of dark brown oxfords.

How else have you been keeping warm?

Aside from my topcoat? On colder days, I wear a black and grey cashmere scarf and a pair of Dent’s black leather gloves. Being unlined, the gloves are unfortunately not super warm, but they look awesome. If they’re good enough for James Bond, they’re good enough for me.  The way this winter started out, I’m also strongly considering buying earmuffs.

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