Client Q&A: Field Yates

Client Q&A: Field Yates

Field Yates is an NFL reporter and co-host of the Fantasy Focus Football podcast: he’s also a Blank Label client and knows a thing or two about style. We spoke to Yates about dressing for TV versus real life, how he discovered custom, and (naturally) who he thinks is the best-dressed player in the league.

How did you become an authority on fantasy football?

Three seasons ago ESPN asked me to fill a void on the Fantasy Focus Football podcast. Being a part of Fantasy Focus included other duties at ESPN specific to fantasy football. Whether it’s rankings or wire pickups, podcasts or television, we have you covered corner to corner.

What do you think has sparked such interest in fantasy sports?

More and more people are catching on to why fantasy football can be so enjoyable. The game has grown organically, and through vehicles like social media and coverage from networks.

Where does your appreciation for custom clothing come from?

I work in television. When you’re charged with wearing a suit every day, that increases the attention you’re going to pay to the details and the subtleties. That’s how I found myself on Blank Label’s radar.


What do you consider when you select your on-screen attire?

I like to be a little bit different from one day to the next. Whether that’s color scheme, pattern design, or texture. I don’t like to be predictable when it comes to my wardrobe.

How does being on TV affect those choices?

Sometimes patterns work against each other. They just appear on camera a little bit differently. I’m a tad more buttoned up with my TV attire, but I think you can be buttoned up without being boring.

Where does your sense of style come from?

My grandfather was well known for never being afraid to go bold. He had a closet of sportcoats that looked like the paint sampling section of Home Depot—every different hue and shade. He’s my inspiration.


What are you looking forward to wearing during the cooler temps of football season?

Tweed is something I skew towards in the fall and early winter. It’s not something I own a ton of, but it’s great for complimenting the rest of an outfit in fall.

Do you have one suit or sportcoat that you find yourself reaching for time and time again?

Blue is my preferred suit color. It offers four-season versatility and hits some of those brighter accents on accessories. The most recent Blank Label suit I’ve picked is the one that I get the most utility from because I don’t have to think about whether it goes with a specific shirt or a tie.

Who in your opinion, is the best-dressed player in the league?

Tom Brady is a trendsetter in so many ways. He can be somewhat understated. He doesn’t have to do things that are too bold or audacious and still pulls it off in a really crisp and clean way.

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