Gift Guide for the Suit Lover

Gift Guide for the Suit Lover

If your holiday shopping list includes someone who appreciates a well-made suit—or if that person is you—know that there are a multitude of small gifts out there that can help every suit look and feel its best.

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At-Home Suit Steamer

Wrinkles happen, and holiday travel is a particular offender. But restoring a suit to its well-pressed original state doesn’t require a trip to the dry cleaners. A variety of makers produce simple steamers that can be used at home, and many include hangers that will support the garments as they are being de-wrinkled.

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Garment Brush

If a trip to the dry cleaner’s is a last resort, consider a garment brush the first line of defense. Brushing a suit after every wear removes dust and the food particles that attract clothes moths. Of course, you don’t want to use just any brush: garment brushes are designed to treat fine woolen fabrics gently.

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Cedar Closet Hang-Ups

Clothes moths and cedar don’t get along: the destructive critters are repulsed by its natural smell. Multiple suits can be protected by hanging simple blocks of cedar throughout the closet. The scent will fade with time but can be restored by lightly sanding every six months.

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Wooden Hangers

A quality hangar will go a long way in preserving a suit’s shape and extending its lifetime. Look for something made from solid wood, with rounded edges that properly support shoulders.


Travel Garment Bags

The garment bags that often come with suit purchases are fine for closet storage or light travel, but a journey that calls for multiple suits and overhead bins requires something sturdier. Look for garment bags that have been designed specifically for travel, and are capable of accommodating two or more suits. Some come with additional space or compartments that are great for storing ties, shirts, shoes and other necessary accompaniments.

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