Meet Michael

Meet Michael

Michael, Tax Manager

Q: How is dressing well important to your work?  
A: Our company is switching to a casual policy where you can wear jeans and a button down if you’re in the office. But for client meetings and presentations, dressing is really important. I like taking suit-and-tie approach, but cleaning it up and not doing the same-old black and white.

Q: Why did you choose peak lapels?
A: I wanted to stand out a little bit, but in a way that I could still present myself to a client who is 60 years old and more traditional.

Q: In what other ways do you use your suit to stand out?
A: The contrast stitching in the boutonniere. It’s something people notice. It’s a conversation starter.

Q: What does custom mean to you?
A: It means I have the ability and the desire to attain something that makes me feel professional and present myself in a way that people see congruency.

Q: What fit issues did custom solve for you?
A: I always thought you had to compromise one way or the other. You get something to fit in the waist, and then the chest is too big or too small and the arms don’t fit. The proportions were always off for me; so being able to get something specific really addressed that.

Q: Are there any customizations you prefer?
A: I love French cuffs. I can get those off the rack, but getting them to fit right can be really tough. I like the spread collar also—something with a little more flair, but not too much.


Q: Did any customizations surprise you?
A: I really liked that I can get the shirt shorter. I didn’t realize that you could adjust the length of a shirt so that when you tuck it in there’s not a lot of spillover.

Q: Do you have any favorite cufflinks?
A: I have a pair that are just like the knot cufflinks but they’re metal instead of fabric.

Q: How would you describe your sense of style overall?
A: Traditional roots with some stylish flair. Like taking a suit and tie and putting a new spin on it.

Q: Where does your sense of style come from? 
A: I’ve always tried to demonstrate my individuality. I noticed how important dress was for other people, and how we make snap decisions based on how people present themselves. I wanted to find a way to present myself the way I wanted to be perceived.  

Q: Does your Blank Label clothing help you navigate a more casual workplace dress code, too?A: Yes. Custom clothing has helped me feel more comfortable navigating that process. Once you’ve got the stapes, the foundational pieces that can’t really be questioned, then you know you’re solid across the board.

Q: What are some of your hobbies and interest?

A: I just started rock climbing, which is so much fun. I have a motorcycle that I can’t wait to get back on. I vacillate between extremes: I’m a tax accountant at my job, and I’m a thrill seeker at the other end.







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