Monograms 101

Monograms 101

A monogram is a simple motif that uses two or more letters to signify the ownership of an object and the identity of its owner, typically through initials. Monograms first found their way onto men’s shirts as a way to identify its wearer in case they were misplaced by a laundry.

While you may not face that problem today, monograms are an enjoyable way to make your own clothing a bit more special. You can often choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and locations, depending on the garment.


Shirt Collar

The back of the shirt collar is a classic monogram placement. It’s ideal for those who would like to take part in the monogram designing process, but wish to keep it discreet.


Shirt Cuff

Those that wish to display their initials can—pardon the pun—wear them on their sleeve. The monogram can be stitched onto either cuff.


Shirt Placket

The bottom of the placket, where the shirt will be tucked into the pants, is another place for subtle monogram inclusion (unless you plan to wear the shirt untucked).



When a suit jacket or sport coat is monogrammed, the letters typically appear above the inside pocket. This also provides room for more text: in addition to the traditional three-letter monogram, phrases, quotes or important dates like wedding days can be included.   



Pant monograms tend to be more low-key, and are often stitched onto the rear waistband.

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