The Pattern Room Guide

The Pattern Room Guide

Your personal fit is the only size we carry.

No matter your height, weight, age or build, we believe that custom-made clothing is the best way to embrace the unique characteristics that make up you.

Once we’ve found your custom fit, you’ll discover a whole new world of wardrobe options with Blank Label. From shirts to suits, chinos to dress trousers, all are crafted with just one person in mind.

Shirts In Your Size 

Shirt Package

Why have one favorite shirt when you can have three? Choose your cuffs, collar, fabric and more. The combinations are endless.

3 Shirts/$250

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All Together Now

Wardrobe Package

Synergy. It’s the feeling you get when every part of the outfit is made to fit you. Own the work week—and the business trip.

1 Suit + 3 Shirts/$1075

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Casual Factor

Chino Package

Because your weekend deserves a great fit, too. Pick your favorites from lightweight stretch cotton to four-season twill.

3 Chinos/$325

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A Leg Up

Trouser Package

Custom means comfort. After wearing a pair of trousers in your fit, you’ll never want to go back.

3 Trousers/$600

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Suit Up

Multiple Suit Package

There are dozens of suiting fabrics to pick from, plus customization options that cover everything from the style of lapel to the color of the inside lining. If you can’t make up your mind on one suit, make it up on two—or more.

$50 off each additional suit purchase.

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Your Reinforcements

Trouser Add On

A backup pair of trousers can greatly extend a suit’s life. They’re also a great insurance policy: ask anyone who’s ever been on a wedding dance floor.

Suit + Extra Trouser/$1050

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Whatever Fits

All Garments

Trench Coats, tuxedos, even denim—your adventure in custom is just getting started. See the full range of what Blank Label can do with your fit.


Tuxedo Shirts/$125



Cotton Chinos/$125

Cotton Shorts/$75

Linen Shorts/$85




Suit Jacket/$650

Suit Trousers/$225

Half-Canvas Suit/$875

Full Canvas Suit/$1100

Suit Vest/$150

Three-Piece Suit/$1025


Cotton Chino Sportcoat/$575

Cotton Chino Trousers/$175

Cotton Chino Suit/$750


Tuxedo Jacket/$850

Tuxedo Trousers/$225

Two-Piece Tuxedo/$1075

Tuxedo Vest/$150

Three-Piece Tuxedo/$1225


Quilted Vest/$155

Trench Coat/$450


Topcoat with Quilted Lining/$890

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