Modern Wedding Suit Colors

Modern Wedding Suit Colors

The traditional rules for selecting a wedding suit are simple enough: navy or grey, perhaps black or white if it’s a formal affair. While there’s nothing wrong with adhering to these classics, it’s worth noting that there are other, more modern colors you can choose to add an extra bit of personality to your own big day, whether you’re committed to going casual or dressing way up.


The Color: Khaki

Dress Code: Casual

Best For: Daytime weddings, outdoors, summertime.

A suit in khaki, or another light-colored shade like sand, is about the most casual you can get with a wedding suit. Its lighter color will be welcome on hot summer days, particularly if its made from a lighter weight fabric such as cotton or linen.

The Color: Bright blue

Dress Code: Semi-Formal

Best For: Spring and summertime.

Bright blues and mid-navys are a nice middle ground between traditional wedding suits and more daring color alternatives. It’s a bit like having the best of both worlds. It will set a more casual tone while remaining semi-formal, and is a great choice for springtime nuptials.

The Color: Midnight navy

Dress Code: Formal

Best For: Alternative black tie.

Many people still think of black tie in terms of a Bond-ish black tux or an ivory smoking jacket, but the midnight navy tuxedo has emerged as the third and most modern option. Think of it as the easiest, and freshest, way to take on the black tie wedding in a world of more relaxed dress codes.


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