Q&A: Stretch Chinos

Q&A: Stretch Chinos

We spoke about stretch chinos with a few people who know best—our menswear specialists. 

Why have stretch chinos become your go-to?

They're comfortable, breathable and light.

Where do you like to wear them?

I wear them around the office, out at night or on the golf course.

What's your favorite way to style them?

With a casual button down and some sneakers.

- John Donahue

What's your go-to color for our stretch chinos?

Olive. It's a really underrated neutral in fashion and can be paired with so many colors, making them a staple in my year-round wardrobe. I especially love them with a light blue oxford in spring or a gray chambray in the fall to add texture to my outfit.

- Connor Lees

What's the main difference between standard and stretch for you?

Stretch cotton chinos are a great way to add flexibility to your trouser wardrobe—literally. While an obvious practical application of this might be, say, a golf trouser, stretch chinos are basically identical to their 100% cotton counterparts and work perfectly for the office, summer weddings, on and so on.

- Michael Kinlin


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