Meet Treavor

Meet Treavor

Treavor Scales, Host, Sportscenter on Snapchat

Q: How did you get your start at ESPN?
A: I started here five years ago as a paper pusher in remote production operations: I was behind the scenes of the behind the scenes guys. I knew I wanted to be on air the entire time. In August 2017 I got hired as an international anchor and to host Sportscenter on Snapchat.

Q: Have you always been interested in sports?
A: I’ve played football since I was about nine years old, so that’s been the first love as far as passion goes. And then I knew I wanted to talk about sports and watch games for a living.

Q: How is dressing well important to your work?
A: It’s the first thing that people notice when you pop up on camera. It’s what makes them stop and listen to you. If you’re dressed well, if you look put together, if the suit falls and doesn’t look like a pillowcase on you, that’s an advantageous position for you to be in.

Q: Does appearing on TV make you choose your clothing differently?
A: It does. It sways how many patterns I work into it. There are even certain colors that I try to avoid. Too many light colors at the same time, or too many dark colors at the same time. Hopefully, I’m getting there, but it’s fun to kind of tinker around with.

Q: Did you have any training for what you should wear on camera?
A: Formal training? No. But they will tell you, “don’t do that ever again.” That becomes very apparent. They’ll let you know, “hey, maybe leave that tie for another time. It’s like watching film the way I did back in college. They break it down for you and tell you what you did well, what you need to improve on and then they’ll delve into your look, too.

Q: Have you ever worn something and regretted it?
A: There were some, like the first couple of suits that I wore were actually bad. They were ill-fitting, and I look back now and I can’t believe that I actually pulled that off.

Q: What fit issues did custom solve for you?
A: I was a running back. I’m just a stockier dude. My thighs, my hamstrings, and quads typically require a little bit more room. But I do like the tailored look on top and like to think that I have a bit of “V” shape to my body, so it becomes problematic when I’m buying a size 44 chest and I’m having to take it in six inches and the waist size is so big that the pants may end up having one back pocket by the time I’m done taking them in. I’ve alleviated those things quite a bit now that I've delved into custom.


Q: What made you choose the sand suit?
A: I was in the market for a tan suit, and wanted to get something that would translate through all four seasons depending on the shirt that I pair it with. I’ve worn it several times on air and it’s one of my favorites.

Q: If you were to get another suit, what would it be?
A: I was looking online and saw a tuxedo I really want to get. It’s this mid-navy with a black lapel. I really like that one.

Q: How would you describe your sense of style?
A: I guess I’d say I’m a Southern boy through and through. From Atlanta, Georgia, born and bred and proud of it. I like to have fun with colors, but I’m an athlete who likes to play within the rules at the same time. I’m not going to go too far out, but I will push the limit.

Q: Did any sports figures have an impact on your style?
A: Growing up, my idol was Stuart Scott. And I still go back and see some of his highlights and notice the type of flair that he had within his style. This shirt and tie combination I actually remembered from one of his last public appearances at the ESPYs. He did a sort of purple-and-purple look, and I really like that. That’s Stu, man.

Q: What does custom mean to you?
A: Custom is a confidence builder because you know it’s just for you. In my line of work, when you step in front of the camera, those lights come on and you hear the countdown in your ear and it’s time to go, one thing you never have to worry about is how you look because custom is for you.

Custom Fit as Unique as You

Custom Fit as Unique as You

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